Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Winter's Day

Today's workday included an assignment to take some photographs of the new snow we received yesterday.  The morning was crisp but not cold, the sun shone brightly and the winds light.  

Snow still covering the trees made for a lovely natural canvas showing the beauty of a New Hampshire snowfall as we take the crest into our winter season. 

 Light played off the grassy field full of cat tails along the side of the road.

 This pond received a skim of ice that held a light coating of snow from yesterdays storm. I was reminded of a child's snow globe as the snow would blow off the trees into the water.

As a chatted with folks along my route I would comment that I always feel the same after that 1st snow of the season.  It's a joy inside that's hard to describe but a pleasure to feel.  Work felt great today - the sun on my face and the weight of my camera in my hand - feeling the giddiness of a child playing in the snow!



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