Saturday, February 25, 2017

SEEING ...through the fog

Allow being in "a fog" to become an amazing experience.
You don't see things clearly but you will find that your focus will naturally be drawn to the things that are meaningful to you.

Each individual will see what is before them in a different way.  It's not about what's right or what's wrong.  Honestly it's about how you perceive.

Being "in a fog" can be unsettling.  You won't be able to see everything clearly.  Allow yourself to focus on what is important to you -  it will reveal what is true.   Trust that truth and let the fog roll right on over.

Thoughts taken from a workshop that I took with Jay Maisel - When you go out - Be Open.

That's the best thing you can do for yourself and those around you.  Once the fog clears you'll see more of the details ...but those things that compelled you to focus will remain strong.



Monday, February 20, 2017

Ode to the Neck

One Word Project ~ Flaw

Came up with the idea to add some humor to my photograph for this one.   We all have flaws but maybe if you look at them with a little bit of humor they will lessen in your mind and you'll be able to look past them to all that good stuff that is "you".

Almost everyone I photograph for portraits has something to say about their neck and typically it is not with a show of love.  For the word "flaw" I figured I would embrace the neck and give it its due with humor.

An Ode to the Neck

There are times when we can all be a royal
“pain in the neck”
But there won’t be a time when I wouldn’t 
“stick my neck out for you”
Life isn’t a race so don’t feel like you have to be
“neck and neck”
Everyone will have days when we feel
“up to our necks”
So take one day as it comes and if you must
“save your own neck”
Hopefully in the end you will want to revisit
“my neck of the woods”



Sunday, February 12, 2017


One Word - Detail

When you look around our home you see a well lived space.  We've been here just shy of 30 years.  Our two boys have grown up here.  We've celebrated, cried and lived within these walls.   If you look closely you'll see dust, some clutter which is mostly mine, photos and momentos from time spent enjoying the great outdoors outside of these walls.

So when I saw the word "detail" I wanted to capture some detail of our lives that takes on an artsy feel within a photograph.  I chose a plate that I had purchased around our 20th anniversary trip to Italy along with a few sprigs of lavender I have saved.  Although they are so dried they would crumble if you handled them - I keep them there.  Alongside the plate is a photograph from travels made more recently.  A trip to the west coast of California.

With the aid of my camera I combined all these things to produce a photograph that takes on what I hope to be seen as a fine art still life by including only some of the detail.

Details are important - but I do feel it is more important to show what's inside your heart and share that with others.

It can be your gift to one another.



Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Session With Julia

A lovely winters' day with soft light streaming in through the windows.  It made for a beautiful setup during my portrait session with Julia.

Julia has a wonderful confidence about her with an engaging smile and ease with the camera.

....and of course we had to throw in some "sisterly" love!



Sunday, February 5, 2017

Saddle Up to That Bull

The Whiskey Barrel grand opening weekend with Jodie Cunningham band Saturday night filled the house with country rock vibes in this new downtown nightclub.  

...along with a bit of bull ridin'

Saddle up to that bull.... you're in for a ride!



Thursday, February 2, 2017

An Evening Close to Home

An evening free to explore on our own.  Following our snowmobile tour we were excited to head out for the night.  But.... isn't there always a but!  ...after being in the traffic through Aspen from the X Games and feeling a little tired from the day we decided to spend our evening closer to our home base of Snowmass.

Early evening in the mountains calls for some "apres".  So off we went to listen to Steve Lizard and The Soul Band "next door".  This was a local hangout ~  laid back with music, dancing, laughs and libations!  When the band finished up at 7pm we decided it was time to find a spot for dinner.

I had noticed Il Poggio the night before when we were walking through the Village.  So off we went to see if we could get a table....

It was Saturday night and as soon as we walked in we saw that the place was packed.  The food smelled delicious with pizzas being made in the far corner.  We made our way to the Maitre D' and asked if they might have a table for two.  He gave us a warm smile and mentioned their F & F table.... I'll have it ready in five minutes.

We sat and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with great conversation and laughs! We started out on an impromptu evening with no real plans and everything fell into place perfectly.

Cathy this is for you ~ I looked up what "Poggio" meant.  Knoll.  Those steps!! ;)

We were even back "home" early to get a restful sleep for our final day ~  Ski Day!

Snowmass is a grand mountain with several peaks and wonderful vistas of the surrounding mountains.  Cathy and I explored the trails and I am so proud of her for pushing herself outside her comfort zone!  These groomers are in the vicinity of +9000' and with us coming from just above sea level we were feeling the effects out there on the snow.

Overall a fabulous day with yet another evening close to home.  Like many other guests staying at our hotel the fireplace was calling our names.  A few games of backgammon, hot toddy's and a light dinner finished us off with smiles of contentment.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love to travel.  It is as much about the prospect of seeing and experiencing new things together as it is about interacting with the people you meet.   The folks of Aspen and Snowmass were so gracious and warm they made us feel right at home!



Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Revving Up the Maroon Bells

Day 2 - T Lazy 7 Snowmobile Tour through Maroon Bells and Klondike Cabin.

Start your engines we're going for a ride....

Around each corner the views would open up to spectacular scenery.

Our guide John giving us some information about the area as well as sharing some of his hiking escapades back home in NH through the Whites.

 Pyramid Peak and Maroon Bells off into the distance.

Our guides Andy and Nick feeding the Canadian Grey Jays
from one of our stopping points. 

The birds were putting on a show for us as they swooped in for a treat!

Great outing with a lunch stop at Klondike Cabin nestled in the woods with our gang

...then back out onto our sleds for the ride back to the ranch.