Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sharing within the Photographic Life

ARRIVING                                Monhegan Island, Maine

For this photo I worked on practicing what Sam Abell taught us during the first day of our workshop.  
Compose the picture Sammy and wait - is going through my mind.  
The excitement of not knowing how the hand off would take place was certainly part of the fun.  
I feel what worked was the young man with the pole was framed within the boat.  
The pole didn't touch the back layer and was at a similar angle to the shoreline.  
The pilings balanced the photo and gave it a foreground.  
The gent on land was positioned well and the moment of him "grabbing" the pole tells the story.  
I managed to keep my camera level within the composition - which is something I struggle with.   I am absolutely one who shifts with what's happening as I see it through my lens.  
I need to work on that.

This will be one of the photos that will go into our "Moving Forward in Photography" book.  A compilation of photographs from Sam's students during our week together in Maine.  I'm so looking forward to continuing down the road with this group and look forward to our journeys that lie ahead.



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