Saturday, December 5, 2015

One Word Project ~ Effervescent

I wanted to try to make an image that represented the effervescence within each of us. Who we are - bringing a slice of personality alive through a photograph.   I threw on some bling while keeping with the casual outfit I was wearing that day. The concept was to serve as a reminder to all of us - our internal "bling" far exceeds anything we could possibly "throw on" or "take off" for that matter.   

Let your inner bubbly bring life to the party - or party to your life. Either way sounds good to me.

For setup I put my camera on a tripod and photographed my reflection in a mirror.  I was hoping for a progression from completely out of focus to showing a noticeable progression of clarity ending with the final frame being in sharp focus.  Didn't go exactly as I had thought it would but that's okay - most things in life work out that way.  Learning to be accepting of life's challenges and speed bumps. 
My original concept was to produce a triptych - but after all was said and done I ended up liking four images from the series - I guess some extra added effervescence can't hurt in this case.  



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