Saturday, December 19, 2015

Studio Work

A great session with Moriah in my studio setting.
It's a nice feeling when I am able to make the person I'm photographing comfortable during our time together.  I take pride in this mostly because of the "pre" conversations we have before the session starts.  Most clients will express verbally or through body language what they "don't like" about themselves.  My job is to have a conversation with them that allows them to let go of all that and just be comfortable with who they are.  I absolutely love how Moriah just settled into the chair and opened up.

Secondly, it's important for me as the photographer to make a portfolio of portraits that offer variety in posing and lighting.  Ultimately creating a set of images that will show different moods and style.  This first image of Moriah had her playing up to the camera for a bit of fun.  While the second one she's taken on a slightly more serious tone while staying engaged with the viewer.

I'll be sharing the batch from the "swing" tomorrow.
Got to love on a cold winters' day when I ask "do you want to take some out on my swing?"…..  and the response is….

Oh Yeah!

Stay tuned...



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