Thursday, December 24, 2015

What You Do After the Fall

An early Christmas gift from my son Tom.  He took a pottery class at school this semester along with a print making class.  He would come home and share stories of his "creative" process with a spark in his eyes.  He's always been focused towards the athletic side of life so for me to see him embrace the arts brought a lovely sense of pride.  Both of my boys have a giving creative side to them which I like to claim as "my side of the family" as I'm not known as having an overly athletic gene pool!

This vase from Tom's collection took a digger to the floor during the first stages of creation.  Instead of giving up on the piece Tom made it his own.  Bringing it to life with a uniqueness and strength that is Tom.  This year has taught me so many things.  I love that at 55 years old I still think of myself as learning.  This vase will be a treasured piece for our home.  A timely reminder that it's "what you do after the fall" that speaks loudest and shows the world what you're made of.



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