Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chimney Stone Makes the Grade

Backdrop / Portrait practice.  I find that when I'm painting a new backdrop I never feel like it's finished.  I always seem to want to add a little touch up here and there.  So the best way to determine if it's "done" is to test it out with a practice shoot.

Changed up the lighting only slightly from the first series to the second.  Then for the third series I threw more light onto the backdrop itself to see how it would play out.

Loved the texture it held with a strong shadow light.  Kept my aperture at F5.6 to keep a bit more focused.

Staying at F5.6  but adding a bit more color to see how the look would hold.

After a couple of series my mood gets a bit sillier.  More color, sunglasses and attitude!  Opened up slightly to F4 with that additional light to the backdrop but traded it for a punchier light setup on me.

Will refrain from adding more paint to this one -- I like all three looks and I'd say it passed muster with flying colors!



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