Sunday, April 10, 2016

In the Spirit of Light-Gesture-Color

For each one of these photos a single thought comes alongside in my head.  What is it that you see?



 Paths Cross


 Spring Cries

Vantage Point

We are driven by what's inside us when we choose a subject and click the shutter.
I think my favorite one of this series is the last photo.  Every time I've
visited Boston on a photo trek I've walked through the Holocaust Memorial.
It's a moving tribute to so many lives lost. We stop we take pause.
Once again I made a few frames and spent some quiet moments while walking
through those steamy tubes.

But I must say this vantage point was different and a way that I had not looked at it before.
I'm learning that I need to step back, look forward, look backward, look under, look over to see from different perspectives.  If I continue to look at something from one single point of view time after time it will always feel the same.

Be Open



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