Sunday, April 10, 2016

Joining In at the Table

A day to meet up with good friends and take a stroll through the city…..
Photography has brought so many wonderful people into my life.
Feeling a bit blessed ~ especially after our visit into the Cathedral of the Holy Cross!

My attempt to bring a sense of the architecture into photos taken outside of Trinity Church in Boston.  Needless to say it's from my quirky point of view.  

Inside this beautiful church I was taken by the wonderful splash of color from light streaming in through stained glass windows onto the worn carpet.

Our "tour guide" RJ lead myself, Sandy and Cathy through the streets of Boston.  We started from Clarendon Street at the Trinity Church and walked through the streets enjoying great conversation and a few photos here and there.

This photo is taken on Acorn Street in Beacon Hill.  Lovely window of light catching a passerby…

Again, I see that quirky eye of mine coming through.  I love this photo ~ to me it has the elements ~ 
a little light,  a little gesture,  a little color
You say       "po tay to"      I see      "po tah to"

It took us a while to set a date that we could all get together.  I'm so glad we hung in there and made it happen.  It was a wonderful day and a true treat to have you three join in at the table~!

Looking forward to our next adventures…  first 10 miles down.  Where will the next 10 take us?



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