Tuesday, April 5, 2016

You Can't Throw That Away….

Confession time ~ yup I'm a hoarder.
I've always been.  I "hold onto things" emotionally as well as physically much longer than I should.  I'm okay with it in the emotional department.  So when I let go it's only because I've exhausted every possibility in my own mind.   But the physical hoarding of "stuff" has gotten out of hand at times.
I was at my friend Cathy's birthday celebration and we were walking through her new home.  A box of "stuff" to throw away contained this apple.  Of course, me being me,  "you'll going to throw that away?"  "…you can't throw that away!".  Well needless to say it made it's way home with me.  And I vowed she would laugh when she saw the photo I would create with it.

It sat in my living room in clear view as I would sit working at my desk.  Many different scenarios came through over time but nothing quite stuck.

A new project working on a backdrop painting prototype using petina blues and greens was on my radar and when I blended the colors I finally reached a point where I was happy with the "look".    So a quick little photo session ensued to test her out and see how she'd photograph.  First attempt didn't go well with the light colored clothing I had picked out so onto this brightly colored black sheath dress.

 After a few clicks of the shutter the lightbulb went off that the green apple matched that of my dress and brought out a wee bit more of the green from the background as well.

One of the ideas that kept running around inside my head was William Tell with the apple.  I didn't have an arrow handy but I did have some musical score in my stash…

In tribute to the William Tell Overture I would caption this one as     "The Lone Ranger"
Loved the background - loved the apple - splashed a little light here and a little light there -
I do enjoy putting together the pieces to make my crazy ideas come to life!



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