Friday, September 30, 2016

Value ~ Beyond Words

One Word Project - Soar

Again, one of those words I felt would be quick to come up with a concept to shoot.  A fun, uplifting, optimistic kind of word.  But the more I thought about it the more I couldn't nail anything down.  Didn't want to do a self portrait - did want to do a self portrait.  Was thinking I am three weeks post op and it would be a good idea to have a series showing the healing process.  Everything I came up with just wasn't quite right.  And I was all over the place on this one.  A ladder.... a feather.... muddy feet.... under water....  playing airplane...   Like I said all over the place!  So when the morning of opportunity struck I had to choose one idea.  This one came to me about 4 am when I woke up, therefore, it won the lottery for the day.  

I put a good amount of pressure on myself to come up with something that has "artistic value" within this project while at the same time trying out new lighting scenarios, new equipment, color arrangements etc., etc.   All for the sake of learning.   This is something I struggle with constantly.  It's so easy to fall back into the "same old" because a. it works and b. it's familiar.   

I hadn't photographed on this hand painted backdrop and wanted to give it a solid test.  Pink came to mind as a friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and she was in my thoughts.... so I pulled out the pink chocolate canvas and matched it with a top that was as light as the feather I was using for my prop.  This feather followed me home from our recent mermaid shoot.

Then to the fun part of delving into the lighting setup.  I placed two Ice Lights gelled with pink slightly behind and to my left and right to give me separation and illuminate my backdrop.   The main light was a beauty dish facing straight on slightly elevated with a diffusion sock.  With reflectors I tweaked the fill and got myself into position but still things were off.  I was off-center not just in my position on the stool but in my head as well!

So instead of completely throwing in the towel I tried out another idea.  I was interested to see how this neutral set of colors would meld against this backdrop.  Decided to have a some fun with it and attempted dropping a feather just as the flash fired.  Well to say the least I amused myself for about 75 or so frames.

Maybe that's where the true magic lies.  Our "nests" can be defined as cozy and familiar but if we lift ourselves out of those nests and soar maybe just maybe there will be something special out there waiting in the wings.


Post Note:  When we share our "one word" photos we've always made it a fun experience.  We select a time that we can both sit down and share together.  Not necessarily face to face time, typically it's a connection through the internet.  We'll talk about our experiences from the beginning stages to the final image.   The out takes and the misses are always part of the conversation.  This share instantly warranted a phone call.  The similarities to our individual photos was amazing and heightened the importance of our project.  This session will be chalked up as being meaningful beyond "words".



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