Sunday, September 25, 2016

Understanding How You See

Some places you go are just so "full" of stuff that at first you don't really know what you should focus on.

Taking pause and walking through slowly let's you focus on fewer things and think about them in a slightly different way.

Odd, you could say or perhaps with just a slight tilt.

This old barn in Exeter was chock a block full of "stuff".  Old salvage items that had stories to tell from their early history.  Textures jumped out for me - seeing unique patterns and a roughness that was appealing in a dainty way.

As with any barn I've ever been in the light streaming in from outside makes the inside feel magical.  You could see this ivy trying to take a peek in to feel that magic and give life.

 These three frames hanging side by side brought Americana to mind.  Feels natural to join them together in that true spirit through double exposure.



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