Wednesday, January 18, 2017

One Word ~ Speed

I tossed the word "speed" out there and truly thought I'd be coming up with something to do with fast movement - blur perhaps.  But as I've learned through this project the ideas come their own way and in their own sweet time.  So I wasn't surprised when my train of thought was heading down the road of shutter speed and speed of light. 

Combining these two elements became a little more tricky - but after a day or two the ideas began to gel and I went to work down in my basement.  Setting up my camera for a triple exposure with my flash firing three times during each exposure to give three distinct views of my face within one single image.  When I had two images I went into Photoshop and merged them into one final image presenting six faces. 

Caption:    Sixth Sense ~ intuition; giving awareness not explained through normal perception 

"If you don't have anything to say you will force a photograph."  If it is something you've lived - know and love - and feel -  it's a subject you want to hold high for your reason then the photograph will not be forced.  It will flow from you in every important way."
                                                                               Sam Abell



Some of the nerdy details:
6 second exposure at f22 with a single flash firing on low power zoomed in at 200mm for three consecutive exposures within one frame.
Started putting things together at 4:27:47 and worked until 4:47:03
      ~ took just under 20 minutes to realize what I was trying was not working.
Ditched a prop and tried again starting at 4:48:51 and ending at 4:57:45
      ~ just under 10 minutes to shoot five triple exposure frames.
Selected two of those frames and combined them in Photoshop for my final image.
36 seconds total exposure time ~ Speed.

These are the two photos that were merged....

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