Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sweet Times in Somerville

 Feature shoot with Alexandra and Eric of Gates Comme des Filles and Somerville Chocolate...

made for one sweet day!

Tucked inside a brewery mill style building in Somerville, MA Eric, Alexandra, Anne and Molly work their magic to make the most delicious chocolate treats - Kenya coffee, garden thyme, Wigle whiskey and meyer lemon to name a few that we sampled during our visit.  

Truly a "mouth party" tasting these delectable flavors.

Eric pours the melted chocolate into molds for setting.  
Smoked beans gave these bars a unique and wonderful taste.  

Bonbons dipped in melted chocolate and "poofed" with a bit of blue sparkle during their final process.

If you're in Harvard Square be sure to stop in for one or more of these sweet treats through February-2017 at Lizzie's Ice Cream on Church Street in Cambridge.

Yes, absolutely our sentiments as well ~ Delicious!!



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